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Dr. Jennifer Spencer-Iiams is a practicing educational leader, author, speaker, and consultant on inclusive schooling. She led significant transformation in her district in the movement to a full inclusion model that honors student strengths and promotes belonging. She co-authored Leading for All: How to Create Truly Inclusive and Excellent Schools (Corwin, 2020) with Dr. Josh Flosi, and was a contributing author to Paula Kluth's book #AllIn: 18 Ways to Create Inclusive Virtual Classrooms (Kluth, 2020.) Jennifer has served as an adjunct professor in the areas of special education and educational leadership. She has been a keynote speaker and as a workshop presenter at numerous conferences, as well as serving on statewide and national collaborative groups dedicated to promoting inclusive education. Jennifer is a triple Duck, earning her bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees from the University of Oregon.

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