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Published Work

Erin Connolly, Good Reads

"Inclusion is a civil right for disabled students. This book is a beautiful example of a pathway to inclusive schools. I hope many districts use this book as a spring board to create full inclusion with all students."

John Hattie, Laureate Professor

"In Leading for All, the authors so vividly paint the picture of what collective student efficacy looks like in practice."

LT, Amazon Reviews

" As readers, we get front row seats to the leadership moves that create a successful through-line from district office, to building leaders, to teachers, to students.  If you are looking for a book that inspires you to do the right thing for children from an inquiry stance, then this is it."

A Contributing Author to Paula Kluth's #AllIn: 18 Ways to Create Inclusive Classrooms

Presentations & Features

Keynote Presentation Washington State MTSS FEST 2023

Inclusion Think Tank Podcast

New Jersey Center for Inclusive Education Summer Conference June 2022

Coalition of Oregon School Administrators June 2022

Plenary Speaker New Jersey Center for Inclusive Education Conference March 2021

7 Components of Inclusive and Equitable Learning  Communities (Corwin Connect)

Think Inclusive Podcast October 2020

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